god loves a cheerful giver


You must understand it is the part of all ministers to give opportunity for offerings unto the Lord, to encourage, to suggest, and to elicit.

Malachi 2:7

Priest lips should flow with the knowledge of God so the people will learn God’s laws. The Priests are the messengers of the Lord God Almighty and men should come to them for guidance. I know there has been much abuse in this area of giving and shame on those men and women of God who have done so. The offering is all about honoring the Lord but also it guarantees that the Lord will rebuke the devourer for your sake.

In Exodus 35 Moses summons all the congregation of the children of Israel that he might give to all, without partiality, or favoritism, the “opportunity” OF A GOOD ACTION, which would obtain its due reward.

Doubtless he pointed out that the object was FOR THE GLORY OF GOD and the edification of His people.

And yes, the word tell us that, “The Lord loves a cheerful giver”. When we sow into the “glory” we are not sowing into an earthly realm. The bible says that as long as the earth remains, there will be seed time and harvest. The element of time is removed or diminished in the glory.

Things multiply in the glory. And I am going to tell you not all ministries have the glory of God upon them.

If you will remember with me the boy in the bible who shared his little meal of loaves and fishes when bringing it to Jesus. He gave Jesus the lunch his mother had prepared for him. And remember, the “Glory surrounded Jesus. Jesus took that little lunch, lifted it up, thanked the Father for it and the Lord multiplied it. God multiplied it so much that it fed a crowd of five-thousand. And not only that there were twelve baskets full left over. I have to believe the little boy probably got all the leftovers and needed a little help in taking that home. He had sown into the “Glory” willingly.

Maybe it was all his mother had and look what God did. God multiplied it over and over and over, so not only did God supply for the needs of the people present and they were blessed but the little boy who gave so graciously he and his house were even more blessed because of his selfless giving.

If the boy had attempted to give what he had directly to the poor that would not of been wrong. He could of shared with one beside him and that would have been wonderful. But what he did caused the masses of people to be blessed because he sowed it into the glory of God. The glory is good ground.

With that being said we offer you a chance to sow into the glory of this ministry.

Thank you for your financial support. We are praying God’s blessings upon you according to His word.